Reasons Why Your Workout Isn’t Working

When you put in lots of efforts, you expect results and when you don’t seem to see any result, you might wonder why your workout isn’t working. Firstly, your goals should be clear before you even get into a consistent routine. What do you want from your workout? Weight loss, muscle gains, or is it fitness levels?

Once you know what you want, you will be able to see whether you are getting the same from your workouts after a reasonable period of time. Here are some reasons why your workout might not be working.

It Is Not In Sync With Your Diet Diet+workout = results! Yes, both diet and workouts are interlinked and you can’t get results if one of them is missing. If you think you are doing your workouts properly, check your diet. Are you eating too much or too little or choosing the wrong foods? You might find out the answer in your dining room.

Recovery Period Isn’t Enough Are you resting well. Well, your workout results are manufactured when you are taking rest. Your body recovers and rebuilds only when you are resting. So, see whether you are over working without taking enough rest.

Not Pushing Boundaries Doing the same thing day after day is a boring thing for your muscles too and they seldom grow if you do so. Your body and muscles need challenges. If you don’t challenge them, they won’t grow. This is one of the reasons why your workout isn’t working.

7 Days And 365 Days? It Won’t Work! If you are into lifting weights then 3-4 days of intense workouts a week is enough. You can lift every alternate day in a week. But if you are lifting daily, all days in a week, that’s disastrous! Every muscle needs 24 hours of rest to recover and rebuild itself. Your workout will never work if you over do it.

Not Sleeping Enough Human growth hormone gets released during sleep. Also, your body gets a chance to take care of the torn muscle fibres and repair them during sleep. So, lack of sleep could also be a reason why your workout might not be working.

Didn’t Choose The Right Workout? All body types aren’t the same. There are ectomorphs, endomorphs and mesomorphs in this world. So, ask your trainer to design a workout that suits your body type. If you simply do what others around you in the gym are doing, it won’t work for you.

Thinking Too Much In The Gym? Exercise kills stress. But stress kills your exercise too! So, stop thinking too much in the gym and also stop talking with your workout partner during a workout as that will ruin your focus and also work counter productive. This way, ensure that you don’t commit the above mistakes if you ever wish to make a difference and enjoy the results of your workout.



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