Staying hydrated naturally this summer

With the mercury showing no sign of receding, and summer still on in full swing, doctors say that it is essential to focus on fluid intake throughout the day. Clinical nutritionists and dieticians say that fruit infused water and fresh juices are a healthy option to keep the body hydrated than plain, tasteless water. After all 70 per cent of our bodies constitutes water and it is used for all bodily functions.

This season, hydrate your body while keeping these tips in mind:
Coconut water is a natural beverage with the highest amount of electrolytes and is essential for hydration.

Having matcha tea, juices, berries or pomegranates in yoghurt is great, because they have antioxidants and they provide hydration.

When the summer heat saps your energy, have sugarcane juice.

Why your body needs water

1. Water is the only solvent your body has for the biochemical reactions supplying nutrients and removing waste.
2. Water is necessary to carry oxygen to the cells.
3. It helps to lubricate joints.
4. It is essential for maintaining circulation of blood throughout your body.
5. Water helps to maintain your body temperature.


Have salads with lettuce
Green leafy vegetables have a lot of water content and lettuce has around 95 per cent.

Key benefits:
It is nutritious, has omega 3, iron, calcium, good protein and fibre content and zero fat.

Include broccoli in your diet
The water content in this cruciferous vegetable is as high as 89 per cent, say nutritionists.

Key benefits:
It has anti-inflammatory properties. It has powerful antioxidants and is rich in vitamins.

Have mangoes daily
This delicious seasonal fruit has 84 per cent water and is rich in fibre and antioxidants.

Key benefits:
Mangoes are rich in carotene and fibre. It is good for your eyes and skin in summer and the fibre helps yours system.

Curd is great for summer
Curd or yoghurt is great for summer because of its 85 per cent water content.

Key benefits:
This probiotic food with its live micro-organisms is a big source of protein, vitamin B and calcium.

Consume rice
When rice is cooked its water content reaches around 70 per cent.

Key benefits:
Rice has carbohydrates, amino acids and iron and replenishes lost water.

Did you know?
Nutritionists say that one of easiest and best ways to re-hydrate and get some additional minerals is to drink coconut water. It is one of the trendiest drinks to have this summer!


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