Review – Nothing Except Vijay “Mersal “

Maaran (Vijay) is a doctor who has other mysterious magician side to him. Or is there a twist? Who is Vetri (Vijay)? And how is everything related to Dr. Daniel (SJ Suryah) is what the film is all about?

Vijay is terrific in the film. He plays three different characters with élan. While we have seen all the shades previously, the director talent lies in the fact that he makes sure they come across fresh to fans and general audience. As usual, the entertainer with mass touch Vetri wins over a classy and docile with a sincere approach Dr. Maaran. The third character rolls two of them together with an emotional touch.

While Vijay as Vetri stands out in entertainment aspect and would be a fan favorite, the best memorable scenes are given to the other two characters. The crying scene in the hospital showcases the true range of performance of Vijay as an actor. Overall, Mersal is the kind of film that is often described as a one-man show by the lead actor.

Mersal is the third film of director Atlee after Raja Rani and Theri. We have to say regarding story it is the weakest and in fact, he has regressed in that aspect. With a thin story, as usual, he has to rely on the “star” to get things through, and Atlee is slowly but surely turning out to be a pro in that aspect.

The first half is a prime example to show Atlee’s grip on the commercial aspects involving a top star like Vijay. He narrates a routine and predictable story with a grip and interest that makes one look forward to the second half. The grand production values and entertainment laced with reality checks in between work well. However, the problem is again the combination itself. The director’s previous film is better on the same routine terrain. The “second” coming together robs off that freshness.

The real issue, however, lies in the second half of Mersal. It is as predictable as they come. One still wouldn’t mind it had the length been taken into consideration. We don’t get a respite, and that’s where the film falls. The lengthy, boring, and predictable flashback is an interest killer even for fans. The climax is then neatly wrapped up in typical and expected style. In the end, Mersal is a routine and boring flick and would have been a dead-on-arrival sort of situation, if not for Vijay. Now, it is all up to the star’s box office. Aside, the message regarding the medical system has been well delivered. Even though, it is also a predictable one.


Vijay’s Triple Treat


Top Notch Production Values

First Half


Routine Story

Flat Narration

Second Half

RATING 2.25/5


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