Review: Vijay’s Adirindi Movie!!

Police arrest Bhargav (Vijay) and he is questioned about why he is doing the crimes he has been commiting. Bhargav doesn’t answer much but when he understands he is trying to take fall for another guy, he literally pleads for him to say why?

Bhargav has a brother, Vijay (Vijay) who is a magician and their father, Vijay Bhargav (Vijay) is brutally killed by Daniel Arogyaraj (SJ Suryah). Why did he do so? Did these two brothers knew from the young age that they are brothers? What is the conclusion to this story of family revenge? Watch the movie to know more.

Vijay comes up with three characters and except in his body language and getup there is not much variaton in the characters he played. As an elder Vijay, he gets decent love track with Nitya Menen and that is the only point where ee get see some sparks in his performance too. Otherwise, he is same as he is in every movie of his.

Nitya Menen gets a meaty role and she does full justice to the age old formula. We enjoy her scenes as the comedy and romance go hand-in-hand. Samantha and Kajal Aggarwal annoy as the film progresses. They are just there for some breaks to the momentum as songs are a necessity in a Vijay film.

SJ Suryah once again scores points for his poignant performance. This time he doesn’t overdo and is delightfully underplaying the whole time. He shows that Spyder performance is not just a one off but he is a talent to watch out for. Rest all the cast are there to give Vijay an elevation whenever director felt a need for one.

Surprisingly, the quality of dubbing is too good. The dialogues written don’t compromise for the lip sync much. The writers gave appropriate importantance to the meaning that needs to be conveyed and well done to the team, who dubbed the movie.

A.R.Rahman, the Oscar winning composer is just wasted in this project. Neither the team could get some good music nor the composer is inspired enough to deliver a good punch.  He gives some loud Background score and one song, that is already popular. Rest of it is merely dismal from him.

Editor Ruben should have cut the movie, rather than assemble some random shots into a movie. The overlong runtime harms the effectiveness of the movie and we have to wait till the best parts like hero elevations and sit through some unfunny and unromantic scenes that help no way to the plot. He should have been more cruel on the edit table.

G.K. Vishnu comes up with different visual tones for three Thalapathy Vijay(s). He uses the background created by art department well enough but his camera is more in the worship of the lead actor than the plot and other characters.

Atlee, who gave Mouna ragam a twist with Raja Rani, once again tried to do the same with Adirindi. He gave a twist to Shankar’s Shivaji, Gentleman, Murugadoss’s Ramana, Tagore original and Kamal Haasan’s Apoorva Sahodarulu, some new twists and turns in order to make it into a new movie. He played more to bring Vijay’s charisma to the core front than making a compelling movie overall.

Vijay’s screen presence.
20 minutes sequence of Private hospitals.
Flash back romance with Nitya Mene

A.R. Rahman’s uninspiring music
Heavy punchline dialogues
More masala magic than logic
Unnecessary comedy that is not at all funny.
Wastage of talents like Vadivelu, Samantha and Kajal, Sathyaraj in badly written roles.

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