Pawan’s Hit List: 1) Parakala, 2) Allu Arvind 3) ABN RK

Other day Janasena President Pawan Kalyan already warned that he won’t spare any backstabbers who cheated Megastar Chiranjeevi and who led Praja Rajyam Party’s downfall. And today while speaking at an event in Rajahmundry, he also revealed few names from his so-called hit list.

In that process, Pawan Kalyan stated that he’s not as easy and as cool guy as Chiranjeevi, but will give a tit-for-tat response to anyone who tries to portray him in the negative light. He explained why he criticised Parakala Prabhakar other day.

“First I’ve to talk about Parakala Prabhakar because after leaving PRP he made very cheap allegations. Okay, let’s say, Chiranjeevi garu has done mistakes. So what are you doing when he’s doing them? As you’re in the party, you have to guide him right? Where is your integrity?” asked Pawan, adding, “You questioned about BJP government not allocating Special Status to Andhra Pradesh government, but now you’ve sent your wife (Defence minister Nirmala Seetharaman) as Minister in BJP government and remained silent. Don’t you have a responsibility for AP?”.

Later Pawan Kalyan also explained why he remained silent during PRP’s merger with Congress and then pulled Allu Arvind’s name as well.

“During that times, there is need of some campaigning, and Allu Arvind garu told, no need of Pawan Kalyan, we will send Ram Charan or Allu Arjun. That means he’s looked at me as an actor but not a person with a social conscience. That made me silent and weep in pain” asserted Pawan Kalyan.

And then, Pawan expressed displeasure as to why some politicians and media houses are painting him as a Kapu leader. He stated that even Chiranjeevi is also not a Kapu leader. Saying this, Pawan added that he doesn’t’ want to hide any names and revealed that ABN Andhrajyothi newspaper and its editor Radha Krishna tried to portray him as a Kapu leader.

“When I went to Amaravathi, ABN RK garu’s Andhrajyothy wrote that I’m a Kapu leader with Kapu people around. Can you prove that? Not just me, but Chiranjeevi garu is also not limited to one caste. More than a Telugudesam or YSR Congress or Congress, it is Praja Rajyam Party that allotted a huge number of seats to BCs. I don’t know why Radhakrishna tried to project me in the bad light, but if anyone or any organisation try to portray me as a Kapu, then I’ll bring the list of their employees out, to reveal who is patronising whom”, he said.

Also, Pawan breathed fire on R Krishnayya of BC Welfare Association as well for expressing some unpleasant remarks on 5% Kapu reservation announced by Chandrababu government. “When R Krishnayya supported TDP during previous election times, the party mentioned in its manifesto alone about reservation to Kapus. If you’re genuine, you should have expressed displeasure then itself”, he remarked.

In a way, Pawan’s yaatra continued with fireworks as usual but this time pulled many names into it. We have to see how the opponents will respond.


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