Srikanth’s Raa..Raa Movie Review!


Raj Kiran (Srikanth) hopes to make one big hit film that will make his father and mother proud. He makes four films and all films bomb at the box office. During his last film, his father dies and mother goes into coma. He is in a situation to make a film within 4 months and that should be a huge hit.

He plans to make a horror film at a real location. His team finds out one old bungalow and we find out that they are ghosts already staying there. Raj and his team, somehow manage to challenge the ghosts to leave the house but new family arrives at the place. Who are they? Are they ghosts too? Or did the ghosts that left the house, came back to haunt them? How will the director complete the movie and save his mother? You can find out answers by watching the movie …


Srikanth Meka is a versatile actor no doubt but he has his own limitations. He shouldn’t waste his talent in movies like these that don’t suit his stature or style. Success is a necessity but that shouldn’t drag you down so much that you even bring yourself down after being in the industry for 25 years and doing 120 films, to do B-Grade movies .

Seetha Narayana is used as an eye-candy and she has no substantial role whatsoever. Main lead heroine or ghost, Naziya, couldn’t really stand up to the demands of the role. She is plain pathetic in the movie.

There are many actors like Posani Krishna Murali, Raghu Babu, Jabardasth Srinu, Venu, Phani, Raghu, Hema but none of them are good enough in the film.


Poorna, cinematographer of the movie should be given an award for being able to make a movie that has low quality visuals that even Doordarshan serials of 90’s feel better looking at them. With the given budget and VFX work, he just made a mockery of everything.

Editor Shankar couldn’t even assemble the cut properly. It looks like he got random dump at his edit suite and he tried to cut it, the way he pleased. Nothing made  sense at all.

Rap Rock Shakeel, the music composer of this movie might be cursing himself for having to associate with this movie and even team would be cursing him for giving such an output. May be a better film and better production, will help him to prove any talent.

Amma Rajasekhar, L. Ramakrishna are the directors of this pathetic masterpiece. It seems like the team had an idea, what if they made a film within film, about Ghosts who are lonely and fall in love with a good man. And added their weekend discussions to the script to make it into a film. Whatever their idea was, execution is pathetic. You can’t understand why things happen how they happen and see no rhyme or reason, for this film to exist.


Please tell us if there are any after watching .


Poor Screenplay

Lacklustre Narration

Worst Premise

Bad music

Pathetic Direction and performances.


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